Eyes and ears. Windows to the invisible child

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Many health professionals, paramedics included, have not traditionally seen themselves as working in or playing a role in the child protection system particularly where their client group has predominantly been adults. In fact the mention of child protection often creates a sense of apprehension for many clinicians. This paper will look at the importance of child protection being always on our agenda and always in our minds. Effective child protection practice has been about the importance of interagency collaboration so what unique perspective does the paramedic bring to the situation. This paper will begin to look at what contributions paramedics can make in the field of child protection, attempt to honour their skills in engagement and look at their role and their place in child protection work.


Susan Hill is a Child Protection Educator for Sydney Local Health District. She provides mandatory child protection training, a range of other training programs, as well as training on a contract basis for a number of other agencies. Susan is involved in project development and clinical supervision as well as face to face client work. Although currently based in the inner city of Sydney Susan has spent a considerable amount of time working in rural and remote areas within Australia. Susan has always had an interest in training and supporting staff. She is a great story teller and manages to inject humour despite what may be quite difficult material.

This presentation was part of ANZCP2018 Sydney on 23rd & 24th August 2018.

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34 minutes
29th Mar 2019
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