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Presented by David Dawson

A short background on resilience will be introduced followed by findings from David’s PhD study on the psychological health of a paramedic workforce. The data for this study was gathered in 2010-2011 and compared the psychological health of paramedics 1) within an ambulance service and 2) with the general Australian population. Comparisons were made with other paramedic populations where data was available. Risk factors for some psychological health conditions were also identified.

David Dawson is a lecturer in the paramedic programme at Victoria University where he has teaches and researches on the psychosocial health of paramedics. He has an interest in all aspects of emergency service psychology with a current focus on preparing students for ambulance work in a psychological sense.

David’s background is in education and psychology. He has worked in the primary, secondary and TAFE sectors before joining Victoria University and was a senior teacher at the Ambulance Service Victoria Training Centre for over 15 years. David is a member of the Australian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and the Australian Psychological Society: he is a member of the Society’s special interest groups for ePsychology, Military and Emergency Services Psychology and Trauma & Psychology. He was involved with the establishment of the Victorian Ambulance Crisis Counseling Unit and served on its committee of management.

David has had a long involvement with research into paramedic health and is currently completing his PhD in this area.

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25 minutes
9th Aug 2014
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