ANZCP Education Scholarships

The College is committed to enabling the development of our members through education and professional development activities.


The College member applying for an education scholarship must have been a financial member for at least 12 months prior to the grant application.

All applications must be submitted no later than six weeks prior to the course start date.

Scholarships available

Scholarships are a maximum of $500 (you may apply for a lesser amount). Applicants will need to provide a brief budget outlining your proposed spending and justification of each item.

ANZCP Education scholarships are provided to support members achieve education goals and progress the profession.

Funding and reporting requirements

The applicant must provide the College with a report on the educational outcomes they have achieved in the form of a 500 word summary.

If the scholarship is to present at a conference, then ANZCP must be acknowledged as supporting the applicant. Permission must be sought from the ANZCP before using the ANZCP logo on any article or presentation.

Application process

There are two scholarship rounds available to members each year. Round 1 applications close 30th January and Round 2 applications close 15th July.

Complete the online application form with any supporting material to help the Education Committee decide on the scholarship.