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The College's Online Learning zone allows you to update your knowledge, learn from experts in our field and claim continuing professional development (CPD) hours which will be important under registration.

The wide range of online courses from our conferences and education evenings provides you the opportunity to learn from home, or on the move, at a time that suits you.

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Here we provide subscribers with an introductory selection of online workshops and presentations. This gives anyone a chance to learn and to get an insight into the benefits of being a member of College.

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A guide to our online learning content

Our videos are a mix of Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) – video sizes are anywhere from 500MB through to 3GB – please be aware that this will incur usage of your download allowances.

As a guide, 30-minute presentations are usually up to 1GB, 60-minute presentations up to 2GB, and presentations of 90 minutes or more will usually be over 3GB.

If you’re not a regular online video viewer, you will have to see how your computer processor speed and internet download speed work with the HD videos – you have the option to watch in HD or SD by clicking on the small HD on the bottom right of the video – if your internet, or computer are slow, you will find the video has delays in HD while buffering/downloading the video. If this happens to you, we suggest you use the SD mode.

After viewing our videos there is a quiz to confirm you have watched the video. This is required to ensure you can claim Professional Development points with your employer.