The College provides opportunities for members to have strong input into the activities of the College through our Member Committees.

Research Committee

The primary aim of the Research Committee is to support the creation and dissemination of evidence that informs paramedic practice.

This is a leadership committee and will identify opportunities for College's involvement in regards to paramedic research and will support the development of the profession through research. 

Chair: Bill Lord

Co-Chair: Dr Paul Simpson

Committee: Dr Erin Smith, Clare Sutton, Linda Ross, Robin Pap, Wayne Loudon, Nigel Barr

Student Committee

The primary aim of the Student Committee is to ensure strong promotion and appropriate positioning of the College within the university sector, and support student paramedics in their development.

Chair: Steph Burton

Committee: Nicole Fatt, Thomas Lynch, Harriet Coxon, Madeline Allen, Elliott Matotek

Paramedic Profession Committee

The primary aim of the Paramedic Profession Committee is to ensure the College meets the changing needs of the Paramedic profession.

This is a leadership committee and will play a key role in relation to Paramedic Registration for the College and provide direction on the future of the profession.

Chair: Anthony Weber

Co-Chair: Peter Lang

Committee: Joel Bardsley, Adam Parker, Amanda Hlushak, Adam Dagnell.

Education Committee

The primary aim of the Education Committee is to ensure the College is the leading paramedic education provider in Australia and New Zealand.

This is a hands on committee with a focus on delivery of education events in each state. Committee members will take a lead role in their state with oversight of education delivery.

Chair: Dr Liz Thyer

Co-Chair: Alisha Hensby

Committee: Clare Sutton, Shannon Delport, Matt Shepherd


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