• 24th Oct 2019

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019


Saturday 16th November 2019 commencing at 1030hrs Rowers on Cooks River Wolli Creek, NSW

Notice is hereby given that an Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine Limited will be held at the Rowers on Cooks River, Wolli Creek on Saturday 16th November at 10:30am.

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • To receive a Report on the activities of the College from the Chair, Audit and Risk Committee Chair and General Manager,
  • To receive and consider the Financial Report of the College, the Directors Report, and Auditors Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2019,
  • To appoint the Auditor for 2020, and
  • To appoint a Returning Officer for 2020.

Note: No Director elections will be taking place this year due to the merger with Paramedics Australasia. The receiving of reports and appointing the auditor and returning officer will be approved by members attending. Therefore, there is no voting paperwork.

Please see links to AGM documentation:
ANZCP AGM 2019 Notice
ANZCP AGM 2019 Agenda

Members can confirm their attendance or submit an apology via the AGM event on the website by clicking here

If you have any queries about the AGM please contact the College General Manager, John Bruning on 0419 419 085 or john.bruning@anzcp.org.au

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