• 14th Sep 2017

ANZCP statement on Marriage Equality

The Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine has always prided itself on being an inclusive organisation, delivering education, providing conferences and advocating for and representing Paramedics in Australia & New Zealand. Our profession prides itself on treating our patients with compassion, integrity, empathy and respect. Paramedics come from all walks of life, and include a strong representation from the LGBTI community. The Paramedic profession believes in equality and social justice.  We respect the right of each individual to agree or disagree, and to make up their own minds about the upcoming survey on marriage equality. We acknowledge some people have strong views on the issue, and we respect the right of those individuals to express that view in the survey, however they may wish to do so.  ANZCP supports marriage equality because we support the right of all of our members, and the wider community, to be treated equally and without discrimination. We encourage those who are undecided or who do not have a firm view on this issue to take the opportunity to vote, and to join with ANZCP in giving a fair go to those members who are currently denied the right to marry their partner of choice.

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