• 27th Oct 2017

Australian Paramedic Disaster Health Management

Paramedic Survey - The current preparation of Australian Paramedics for disaster health response

Research is being conducted into preparing paramedics for disaster health response, as outlined below and on the survey link.

To participate in this research, please click here to be taken to the survey.

RESEARCH TEAM Principal Researcher: Mr Peter Horrocks,  DHSci Student Associate Researcher: Professor Vivienne Tippett,  Supervisor

DESCRIPTION This project is being undertaken as part of a Doctor of Health Science Study for Mr Peter Horrocks.

The purpose of this project is to share your insight about your experience with disaster education and response. The project when complete may inform better health services planning and delivery during disaster events. The project may also help inform industry, government, and education providers to better understand and to more efficiently provide education and ongoing training to first responder paramedics.

You are invited to participate in this project because you are a currently practicing Australian Paramedic.

...continue reading - click here to go to the survey.


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