• 15th Sep 2017

Board Nomination Committee - 2 roles

Position Title: Nomination Committee Chair & Nomination Committee member (2 roles)

Reports to: Chair of the Board of Directors

Location: Sydney

Status: Volunteer, unpaid. Reasonable expenses in relation to performing the role will be covered.


Organisational Context

The College is in the process of moving to a skills based Board of Directors, with the members of the College approving a new College Constitution on Saturday 23rd September. The new Constitution establishes a Nomination Committee to manage the review of director nominations and make recommendations on director candidates.

Details on the Board restructure and College direction can be found here https://www.anzcp.org.au/restructure/

The College is now advertising for members of a Nomination Committee. A draft Nomination Committee Charter is available for interested persons by emailing general.manager@anzcp.org.au


Primary Purpose

The role of the Nomination Committee is to:

  • Review and recommend to the Board the criteria for Board membership, including assessment of necessary and desirable competencies of directors to maintain an appropriate mix of skills, knowledge, experience, independence, expertise and diversity on the Board. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board about the criteria for Board membership based on a board skills matrix setting out the mix of skills and diversity that the Board currently has or is looking to achieve in its membership.
  • Review all director nominations and recommend to the Board all those candidates that meet the skill requirements to be considered for election by the Members at the AGM.

Other functions such as succession planning, identifying potential directors, director and Board performance evaluations, director inductions and director professional development are also part of the Nomination Committee Charter.


About the Roles

We are looking for 2 experienced people for the Nomination Committee, with one undertaking the role of Chair of the Committee.

Both appointments would be for an interim period covering the upcoming election of directors from 16th October to 6th November, with the new College Board of Directors then able to decide on the longer-term appointment of Nomination Committee members early in 2018.

The initial requirement of the Nomination Committee will be to undertake point a) and b) listed above to recommend the candidates who would stand for election at the College AGM in December.

Expected time commitment – 6 to 10 hours

Travel requirement – depending on committee members, meeting is likely to be via teleconference or in Sydney


Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Experience on a Board Nomination Committee
  • Experience as a Board Director
  • Strong understanding of corporate governance
  • Sound judgement skills and critical reasoning
  • Excellent Integrity and Ethics
  • Understanding of the skills required by individual directors and Boards as a whole
  • Member of AICD or GIA/IML or like body



Please send through a covering letter outlining your relevant skills (addressing those skills/ experience listed above) and reason for applying, and your CV (no more than 4 pages in total) to John Bruning, General Manager at general.manager@anzcp.org.au by COB Tuesday 2nd October.

If you wish to discuss the roles please contact John Bruning on 0419 419 085.

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