• 18th Oct 2016

College Education Roles - EOI

The College has instigated a revised education structure with the introduction of two formal roles to make the most of those members who wish to get involved with supporting the delivery of College activities. For many years a handful of members have organised and delivered CPD activities in regional areas, and we have often had members ask how they can get involved.

The College has now established two formal roles - Education Coordinator/Manager and Representative - both roles are volunteer, but do involve support and assistance from the College.

The Education Coordinator / Manager will:

  • Work in consultation with College staff and Board to identify, organise and deliver appropriate professional development activities in their state, region or university
  • Represent the College through communication when organising events and in person at College events
  • Follow a CPD calendar or plan of events and work towards the outcomes identified by the College Take a lead at local events, or support College staff on the ground with ensuring a successful event

The College Representative will:

  • Promote the College, membership and events to colleagues / fellow students
  • Provide College and events information to interested colleagues / students
  • Provide feedback to the Education Manager about opportunities for events and membership
  • Help out at local events, supporting College staff on the ground with ensuring a successful event

The College has formal Position Descriptions for these roles. If you are interested in finding out more, please complete the EOI below or call John Bruning on 0419 419 085.

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