• 16th Jun 2018

College representative - EOI


The Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedicine (College) is looking for members who have relevant knowledge and skills, and can represent the College in a professional manner and act as an ambassador for the College’s purpose, on industry committees.


The College currently has representatives on the following external committees:

  • Australian Resuscitation Council
  • Ambulance and Paramedic Industry Reference Committee
  • AHPRA Professions Reference Group
  • CAA Education Committee
  • Safe Airway Society
  • Australian Consensus Framework
  • Australian Health Care Reform Alliance

While we have established representatives on these committees, at times we are invited to participate in other committees or the representative on one of the above committees may stand down or their term comes to an end.

The College wishes to establish a pre-approved database of relevant and interested members who have the required knowledge and skills to represent the College across a range of areas, such as resuscitation, education, research, industry skills, registration, ethics etc.

Responsibilities (if appointed to a committee)

  • Use your know knowledge and skills to advocate for the paramedic profession,
  • Attend committee meetings in the appropriate manner (in person or teleconference depending on the committee),
  • Gather wider input and feedback on relevant matters to ensure the profession and/or College is effectively represented,
  • Represent the College in a professional and appropriate manner,
  • Provide written reports to the College about the activities of the Committee after each meeting,
  • Provide updates on any important or urgent items in a timely manner.

Ideally, the applicant(s) should have broad industry knowledge, experience working across various roles within the profession, and a strong understanding of the current and future needs of the profession.

It is an honour to represent the College and applicants would be expected to undertake their appointment with a high level of professionalism.

Selection Criteria (to go onto the pre-approved database)

EOIs will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Demonstrable skills and experience in relevant key areas (to which you are applying),
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience across various roles within the profession,
  • Demonstrated ability to review contemporary/discipline based evidence and provide appropriate input and direction to others,
  • Understanding of current issues and challenges within the profession, and an idea about the future of the profession,
  • High level of written and oral communication skills,
  • A current member of ANZCP (which must be maintained to continue on any committee).

Representing the College on a committee is a volunteer role with costs of attendance covered by the College (flights/accommodation if required).

For further information

Please contact John Bruning by email (john.bruning@anzcp.org.au) or by phone on 0419 419 085.


Please submit your EOI addressing the above criteria and a short CV to general.manager@anzcp.org.au by close of business 18 July 2018.

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