• 26th Sep 2017

Director - ANZCP Board

Position Title: Board Director – 6 roles (3 member and 3 non-member)

Reports to: Chair of the Board of Directors

Primary Location: Sydney - Directors can be based anywhere in Australia or New Zealand

Employment Status: Volunteer, unpaid. Reasonable expenses in relation to performing the role will be covered.



Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine Ltd

Annual Budget – $500,000 - $600,000

Number of Paid staff – 3 FTE (4 staff)

Number of Volunteers – 6 on Board, plus up to 26 committee members, and numerous presenters and event organisers

Community Segment – Not for Profit, Education, Health.


ANZCP is a member organisation with over 2,000 members (paramedics and student paramedics), with a focus on providing professional development and educational opportunities for our members and the paramedic profession. ANZCP also runs a small shop (Paramedic Shop) selling paramedic equipment and textbooks.


ANZCP Mission

Advancing paramedicine through professional development, education and industry leadership.


ANZCP Objectives

  • Deliver high quality professional development events in all jurisdictions
  • Develop and implement innovative online learning content
  • Enhance member experience, engagement and relationship
  • Increase awareness and influence of the College
  • Enhance the paramedic profession through education and research


More information on the history of ANZCP, past Year in Reviews can be found here https://www.anzcp.org.au/about-anzcp/

Full financials and the College Constitution can be viewed by emailing John Bruning on the details below.


Organisational Context

The College is in the process of moving to a skills based Board of Directors, with the members of the College approving a new College Constitution on Saturday 23rd September. The new Constitution establishes a skill requirement all Directors must meet to ensure the Board as a whole has the necessary skills for the College to be a success.

Details on the Board restructure and College direction can be found here https://www.anzcp.org.au/restructure/


Primary Purpose

There are 6 elected Director roles on the College Board. With the introduction of the new Constitution, all 6 roles will become vacant and filled at the College AGM on Saturday 2nd December.

We seek applications from skilled and committed individuals who can bring a range of skills to complement the skills of other directors. The successful applicants are expected to bring energy and skills across a number of areas as detailed below.

The Board meets 8 to 12 times per year (roughly each month), with 2 to 4 face-to-face full day meetings. A strategic planning meeting is held annually at the start of each year. Depending on skill set, directors may hold positions on sub-committees of the Board.

Directors are encouraged to be present at major events such as our 2-day conference.


About the Roles

6 Director roles

  • 3 member roles - must be a General Member of the College (Member, Fellow, Life Member) and meet the skill requirement of the College
  • 3 non-member roles - cannot be a College member and will come from outside the Paramedic Profession, and meet the skill requirement of the College

For 2017 we have transitional arrangements in place for the election of the 6 directors, with the member and non-member elected with the most votes taking 3 year terms, the member and non-member with the next most votes taking 2 year terms, and the member and non-member with the third most votes taking 1 year terms.

Expected time commitment – up to 20 days in total time per year (including attendance at meetings, preparation for meetings, involvement with Board committees etc).

Travel requirement – face to face meetings are usually held in Sydney on Saturday’s, our major conference will be in Sydney in August 2018.


Director skill and experience requirement

  • Collective Skills

  • Governance – Strategy, Policy Development, Risk and Compliance, Executive Management, Commercial Experience, Board Experience

  • Financial Literacy and Financial Management (Required by All Applicants)

  • Strategic Focus – Improved governance, Financial stability, Income diversity and growth, Partnerships, Growth, Education and online learning, Member engagement

  • Industry Skills – Education delivery, Innovation, Community and stakeholder engagement, Marketing and communication

  • Personal Attributes

  • Integrity and Ethics

  • Effective listener and communicator, Constructive questioner

  • Contributor and team player, Commitment

  • Influencer and negotiator

  • Critical and innovative thinker

  • Leadership

  • Diversity and Non-Skill

  • Gender, Cultural, Age Diversity

  • Previous Board experience.

Note: Directors do not have to meet every skill listed in Collective Skills section above; the goal is for a Board of Directors that can meet the collective skill set to ensure the success of the College.


Benefit of Volunteering for these roles

  • Expand your professional network
  • Engage with a professionals outside your usual sphere
  • Play a vital role in the future of the College
  • Develop wider experience
  • Establish the successful operation of the new College Board

Director Declaration

All Director applicants are required to complete the ANZCP Director Declaration form, which can be accessed here ANZCP Director Declaration


Please send through a covering letter introducing yourself and addressing the Director skills and Experience Requirements (Collective skills, Personal attributes & Diversity above), your CV and the completed Director Declaration form to John Bruning, General Manager at general.manager@anzcp.org.au by COB Monday 16th October.

If you wish to discuss the roles please contact John Bruning on 0419 419 085.

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