• 16th Jun 2018

E-Learning Development - EOI


The Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedicine (ANZCP) is looking to enhance our online learning for members with the development of engaging online learning courses, delivery of webinars and online CPD readers.


ANZCP is looking for multiple individuals who have paramedic knowledge and understanding of paramedic education, who can blend ANZCP’s current videos with new content (developed by the individual), to make a complete learning package. These will cover a number of key topics of benefit to paramedics, including: Basic airway management, advanced airway management, ECG interpretation, burns, sepsis, cardiac arrest, patient assessment, pain management etc.


After consultation with the ANZCP Education Committee and determining of appropriate topics, the successful applicants will:

  • Undertake review of literature and teaching on topic area, ensuring what is to be developed is current and best practice,
  • Review current ANZCP online resources and identify relevant content to be used,
  • Create learning outcomes, presentation slides and develop content to create high quality learning courses,
  • Get permission for use of third party content / images that are needed (ANZCP would support this),
  • Create quizzes to test knowledge of learners as part of the learning course,
  • Provide links to extra reading / online videos and list of references for learners to pursue further learning if desired,
  • Turn content into online learning course with voice over and branded under ANZCP.

ANZCP is looking at purchasing E-learning creation software that can be used by successful applicants.

The applicants authorship of any packages that they produce will be acknowledged.

Selection Criteria

EOIs will be assessed against the following criteria:


  • Excellent theory and practical paramedic knowledge across multiple topic areas,
  • Understanding of the variety of learning activities and ability to implement them in course development,
  • Demonstrated ability to review and research contemporary/discipline based evidence,
  • Understanding of pedagogical techniques appropriate for e-learning courses,
  • High level of written and oral communication skills,
  • Internet access, a computer, webcam and microphone,
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, or as part of a team,
  • Excellent general IT skills and ability to learn new software.


  • Experience in the development of e-learning course content,
  • Experience in using e-learning software,
  • A current member of ANZCP,
  • Based in NSW, VIC, QLD or NZ with experience of the relevant state ambulance service.

This work will attract payment that is to be negotiated, based on learning content created. Payment is more likely to be in line with an honorarium rather than commercial hourly rate.

For further information

Please contact John Bruning by email (general.manager@anzcp.org.au) or by phone on 0419 419 085.


Please submit your EOI addressing the above criteria, a short CV and any examples of past work to general.manager@anzcp.org.au by close of business 18 July 2018.


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