• 16th Jun 2018

Fellowship Applications Open

The College is calling for applications from members to be elevated to the membership category of Fellow.

Fellowship of the College aims to recognise individuals who have made a substantial contribution to the College and/or the discipline of paramedicine, and who demonstrate professional excellence in paramedicine.


  • Must be a current, financial member of the College
  • Relevant qualifications in paramedicine
  • Years of professional practice to the discipline post qualification
  • Able to demonstrate a portfolio of experience and professional development leading to expertise in the field
  • Commitment and contribution to ANZCP
  • Commitment and contribution to paramedicine
  • Demonstrated professional excellence and adherence to the ANZCP Code of Conduct
  • Support of two current ANZCP members of the application

Bestowment of the membership level of Fellow is a significant honour and will only occur when applicants can demonstrate a significant contribution to the College and/or the profession.

The Board will determine the admission of applicants to the level of Fellow.

Applications close on 30th July 2018.

Please complete the following application form, in its entirety, to be considered for Fellowship of the College.

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