• 5th Sep 2019

The future of paramedic representation in Australasia #4

The future of paramedic representation in Australasia

The Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine (ANZCP) and Paramedics Australasia (PA) and continue to receive positive feedback on the proposed merger from both members and stakeholders, confirming our belief that a merger is in the best interests of our members, and the profession.

Over the past six weeks we have received many enquiries from our members around what the new Australasian College of Paramedicine (ACP) will look like, who will make up the Board, and what member representation there will be. There have also been questions on whether the new entity will be like ANZCP and PA. The simple answer is: the new entity will be a combination of both organisations, taking the best of what each has to offer.

What will the ACP look like?

As most members know, both ANZCP and PA are quite similar in how they function and how they are managed. Both organisations have a Constitution and a Board of Directors (made up mostly of members); member committees (whether state-based or subject matter); senior manager/executive leaders; and staff who deliver events, online learning, membership, communication, and financial/administrative functions.

Our goal is to create a new entity that both ANZCP and PA support equally, therefore the new College will have:

  • A Constitution similar to that of existing ANZCP and PA Constitutions
  • A Board of Directors comprising six elected Member Directors and three appointed non-member Directors
  • A Chief Executive Officer
  • Jurisdictionally based Advisory Committees
  • Subject matter Member Committees (e.g. education, research, profession)
  • Special Interest Groups (e.g. paramedic health and wellbeing, regional and remote)
  • Membership categories the same as those ANZCP and PA have currently, with existing members of both organisations transferring to the same category in the new College.

What is the process for establishing the ACP?

ANZCP and PA have each selected three members, who are either current or former Directors, to sit on an initial Board. This initial Board will focus on establishing and managing the implementation of the new College over the next 12 months, and will implement the new Constitution, appoint a CEO, and establish the College’s strategic direction. A future Board will consist of duly voted Member Directors and independent non-member Directors.

The Member Directors nominated from each organisation to sit on the initial Board are:

  • Peter Jurkovsky
  • Marty Nichols
  • Simone Haigh
  • Michael Smith
  • Bronwyn Tunnage
  • Ryan Lovett

The ACP Constitution will be finalised soon and will be made available to members as part of the documentation required for the Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) to be held in October.

Once a CEO is appointed, an organisational structure will be established. Most staff will have the opportunity to continue in a role similar to their current one. The CEO will undertake Expression of Interest processes for the Advisory and Member Committees, and work with member groups to determine the 2020 conference plans, preferred website, membership systems and other members services. Accounting systems and other business structure items will also be worked through.

Extraordinary General Meetings

We are in the process of determining dates for these meetings and obtaining legal advice on the motions to ensure a smooth transition should the members of ANZCP and PA approve the merger. Our next communiqué will provide more detail on the EGM dates, the Constitution, and motions due to be put to members at the meetings.

We continue to want to hear from our members about the proposed merger. This will help us to ensure we have addressed any queries or concerns. Please email or call us to discuss any questions you may have or to express your views and provide feedback. Contact us via merger@anzcp.org.au or call the College General Manager, John Bruning, on 0419 419 085 to provide feedback

Yours sincerely

Marty Nichols
Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine

Peter Jurkovsky
Paramedics Australasia

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