• 27th Oct 2017

Paramedicine Research Priorities for the 21st Century

Paramedic Survey - Paramedicine Research Priorities for the 21st Century

A survey of paramedics is being conducted to determine research priorities for paramedicine in the 21st century, as explained below and on the survey link.

To participate in this survey, please click the link below.


Paramedic Participant Information Statement (Approval S17-129)

My name is Peter O’Meara and I am conducting this research project with my academic and professional colleagues, Brian Maguire (Central Queensland University), Jan Jensen (EHS Nova Scotia & Dalhousie University, Canada), Paul Jennings (Ambulance Victoria), Paul Simpson (Western Sydney University) and Jeff Wall (Research Assistant).

Rationale for the research

In Australia and New Zealand, there are significant questions around research priorities, linkages between ambulance services, paramedicine academics and researchers, and the overall leadership role of the paramedicine discipline in the production of this research.

The aims/purposes of the research

The objective of this study is to collaboratively identify and develop paramedicine research priorities for translation into research projects that will enable positive changes in paramedicine policy and practice in Australia and New Zealand.

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