• 20th Aug 2018

Paramedic Registration Opens Soon

Get ready! Applications for registration as a Paramedic in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme commence on 03 September 2018!

The Paramedicine Board of Australia (ParaBA) and AHPRA have recently updated their website, released a video (available here https://vimeo.com/284067743) and published a newsletter, and members who have taken our advice and subscribed to the communiqués will have been brought up to date on the latest announcements and education material on the transition to registration.

The ParaBA are also providing forums in Australian capital cities, the Sydney forum will be held on Monday 27 August 2018, Brisbane on Thursday 20 September 2018, Adelaide on Monday 22 October, and Perth on Monday 5 November. Details of the individual events and booking can be made on their website here http://www.paramedicineboard.gov.au/News/2018-07-23-learn-about-paramedicine-regulation.aspx. If you are not able to attend in person, some of these sessions are recorded and are available online to watch. If you haven’t already, please subscribe to the ParaBA and AHPRA communiqués on their website here http://ahpraorg.force.com/Subscribe, don’t just rely on others to pass on information.

In the latest newsletter, the ParaBA announced that they will start accepting applications for registration from Monday 3 September 2018, and provide instructions on what will be needed to apply (details here http://www.paramedicineboard.gov.au/Registration.aspx ). It should be noted that early applications will not disadvantage anyone financially, as the registration year will start and finish at the same date for all registrants. The early application process provides opportunity for paramedics to be processed early, so there is plenty of time to sort out any issues you may have with the process. Participation day will be the start date of the registration year and everyone will need to be registered to practice beyond that date under the position of Paramedic.

The College has been careful to promote AHPRA and the Paramedicine Board of Australia (ParaBA) websites as the place to obtain source material on registration. Registration is between you as the registrant, and AHPRA as the regulator, and the ParaBA is the governing authority. We will be providing support material to members to supplement what is already provided by the ParaBA, including a registration checklist, as well as a guide, forms and an online system in the coming months to assist members in planning for and preparing CPD records during their careers. Please update your contact details on our website (here https://www.anzcp.org.au/my-account/) as well as subscribe to the ParaBA website (here http://www.paramedicineboard.gov.au/Registration.aspx) to ensure you receive everything that is available to you to help in the transition to registration.

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