• 25th Mar 2016

Update March 2016

Back on November 6 last year the COAG Health Council / Health Ministers discussed options for the registration of paramedics and, on a majority vote, the meeting agreed to move towards a national registration of paramedics to be included in the National Registration Accreditation Scheme (NRAS), with NSW reserving its rights. As you may recall this statement was made with a number of caveats and as such work is currently underway in order for registration to be realised.

Currently the work is continuing to progress the decision to add paramedics to the NRAS. This work is expected to be ongoing over the next two years and includes policy development and the drafting of legislation. It is anticipated that the registration of paramedics will come into effect in late 2018. The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services is taking carriage of the first phase of this body of work.

The College has continued its advocacy for the registration of paramedics through the NRAS. The College has made a written submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee inquiry into the establishment of a national registration system for Australia paramedics. The College will further press its support for a true national scheme in all jurisdictions in April when it gives evidence to this committee in person.

Apart from representing paramedics to various industry groups and levels of government the College has ramped up its efforts to educate paramedics on national registration and how it will effect individual paramedics and service providers alike. This has occurred via presentations on registration, taking Q&A sessions after CPD events, and by responding to questions that our members have submitted via our website.

For information about registration please go to the National Registration page of our website, or submit questions via our online form within our National Registration FAQ Section, or email us at registration@anzcp.org.au.

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