• 2nd May 2018

Registration Update - May 2018

AHPRA & Paramedicine Board of Australia

Members who have subscribed to the Paramedicine Board of Australia’s e-newsletter will be aware that the work of the Paramedicine Board in regulation of paramedics is continuing, with an anticipated start date late this year. The most recent e-newsletter outlined the board’s ongoing engagement with the profession, through attendance at conferences and meetings, professional forums, webinars and meetings with key stakeholders. ANZCP continues to participate in meetings and support this engagement within the profession, by hosting Paramedicine Board representatives at our conferences, functions and events. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to the regulators e-newsletter by going to the AHPRA website, and the Paramedicine Board of Australia’s webpage: www.paramedicineboard.gov.au

ANZCP continues to work towards supporting paramedics with the transition to registration, by providing information to its members at various workshops, conferences, and online. The College is also developing systems to assist paramedics with their activities once registration commences. Membership will be even more worthwhile for paramedics once we transition to a regulated profession later this year. Keep watch for some big announcements to come.


Co-regulation at State level: Paramedicine Council of NSW positions open

Some jurisdictions in Australia (NSW & QLD) have co-regulatory bodies called health complaints organisations that undertake some of the complaints functions that would otherwise be undertaken by the national regulator (AHPRA) in other states and territories. In Queensland there is the Office of the Health Ombudsman, and in NSW the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC). The NSW HCCC works with the yet to be established Paramedicine Council of NSW.

The NSW Health Professional Councils Authority has just invited expressions of interest from NSW residents for membership of the Paramedicine Council of NSW. EOI’s close on 01 June 2018. The advertisement can be found here: www.hpca.nsw.gov.au/vacancies-paramedicine-council-membership

Members in NSW are encouraged to review and consider an application.

In NSW the Paramedicine Council of NSW and the Health Care Complaints Commission deal with complaints about paramedics practising in NSW. These complaints include concerns or issues about professional standards and behaviour, health impairment and professional performance. For matters that involve someone claiming to be a registered health practitioner or unlawfully advertising, these are considered statutory offices and are handled by AHPRA. Both AHPRA and the state health complaints organisation share complaints information, make referrals to each other where appropriate, and when necessary also work together on particular complaints.

The Paramedicine Council of NSW is an independent statutory body established under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) (the Law), with members appointed by the NSW Governor on the recommendation of the NSW Health Minister. The Council is made up of four practitioner members, one community member and a lawyer (with practising certificate). More information about this co-regulatory system can be found on the NSW Health Professional Councils Authority website www.hpca.nsw.gov.au

More information on how complaints handing works between these bodies, such as what complaints are handled by whom can be found on AHPRA’s website here: www.ahpra.gov.au/Notifications/Further-information/Health-complaints-organisations.aspx

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