• 1st Nov 2015

Update November 2015

National Registration of Paramedics to be included in the NRAS

The Federal and State and Territory Health Ministers met in Adelaide today (6th November) at the COAG Health Council to discuss a range of national health issues, including National Registration of Paramedics.

ANZCP welcomes the decision made to move towards National Registration of Paramedics under the National Registration Accreditation Scheme (NRAS). It is positive that we are officially moving forward but the communique wording below details that further work is needed and it does appear that not all states will necessarily be onboard.

After many year’s of advocacy, ANZCP communicated with all State and Territory Health Ministers again in the past 6 months, including a meeting with NSW Health staff, to ensure the Ministers were aware of the ongoing support of the profession for national registration.

Today has been the culmination of a huge amount of work by many people – starting in the days of ACAP, involving all state branches – and the ongoing advocacy of Paramedics Australasia and ANZCP.

ANZCP will continue to advocate on behalf of the profession for the benefit and safety of patients.

COAG Health Council Communique November 6 2015

Options for national registration of the paramedic profession Health Ministers discussed options for the registration of paramedics and, on a majority vote, the meeting agreed to move towards a national registration of paramedics to be included in the National Registration Accreditation Scheme with only those jurisdictions that wish to register paramedics adopting the necessary amendments. Ministers agreed that work would need to come back to AHMAC for consideration. This would include the consideration of implementation of the recommendations of the NRAS Review, resolution of the scope of the paramedic workforce and the development of vocational as well as tertiary pathways. It was noted that NSW will reserve its right to participate. The Commonwealth dissented from the decisions as it is not consistent with the principles of the NRAS as a national regulatory reform.

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