• 21st Oct 2013

Update October 2013

The past financial year has been one of steady progress on the topic of National Registration for Paramedics. The College has continued in its stakeholder engagement and championing of registration under the existent National Scheme with some important progress occurring throughout the year.

The early part of the financial year saw the finalisation of a series of workshops held throughout the country as part of the Limited Consultation on Options for the Regulation of Paramedics. The Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine was an important attendee at these workshops, advocating for enhanced safety of the community and a more robust regulatory framework to govern public and privately practicing paramedics throughout government and industry.

The completion of the consultation workshops coincided with an opportunity for stakeholders to provide feedback. On behalf of its members and the concerned community, the Australian & New Zealand College of Paramedicine submitted a joint submission representing some 6000 respondents.

Furthermore, the College has continued to liaise with the project team and key players in the registration process to ensure that the topic remains at the forefront of Health Minister’s agendas and is a realisation for the profession in the near future.

At present the content of various submissions has been included in a prepared Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS). The Decision RIS includes summaries of costs, benefits and impacts of the four proposed options within the Consultation Paper produced by the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council.

The Decision RIS is being considered by the Practitioner Regulation Subcommittee and will be sent to the Health Workforce Principal Committee once approved. The ongoing process requires involvement from the Office of Best Practice Regulation to ensure its compliance with Council of Australian Governments (COAG) guidelines.

The final step of the process requires approval by Health Ministers through the Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Committee, though a specific timeframe is not available at this time. Obviously the approval process is dependent on various political and governmental factors that may arise throughout the process.

Members should remain confident that the College is continuing to champion National Registration for Paramedics and remains a committed voice at the table on this crucial topic.

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