• 9th Oct 2014

Update October 2014

The matter of national registration has remained at the front and centre of the Australian and New Zealand College of Paramedicine’s advocacy efforts throughout 2013 & 2014. To ensure it remains on the agenda of policy makers and health ministries, the College has engaged in regular contact with relevant stakeholders to champion the value and importance of national registration for paramedics. This has included direct contact with Ministers for Health in various Australian jurisdictions as well as a continued focus on educating members on the importance of registration

The College maintain its position that national registration, under the existing AHPRA framework, is key to maintaining clinical quality and patient safety. Whilst the College acknowledges generally robust clinical governance mechanisms within government ambulance services and larger private providers, the emergence of smaller, less regulated private providers, as well as clear issues with information sharing between jurisdictions and public-private providers demands an independent, statutory framework. Furthermore, there is a clear need for a nationally consistent approach to paramedic education, accreditation and title protection.

The upcoming month represents one of the most important occasions in the history of Australian paramedicine with the Australian Health Minister’s Advisory Council set to make a determination on this topic. A favourable decision in support of registration will be an enormous step forward for patient safety and clinical quality. However, should an unfavourable determination be reached, the College remains committed to advocating for enhancements to patient safety and paramedic professionalism through national registration.

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