• 2nd Mar 2018

Registration Update - March 2018

Latest news on Paramedic Registration Over the past few months the Paramedicine Board has been consulting with the wider paramedic community on the Registration Standards for Paramedics, with this consultation closing on the 8th February. This consultation covered the five mandatory standards (English language skills, Criminal History, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Continuing Professional Development, Recency of Practice) and the grandparenting provision for paramedics. We look forward to the outcome of this consultation. AHPRA Professions Reference Group The College was invited to be a part of the AHPRA Professions Reference Group, and with this invitation accepted, we attended our first meeting in late February. The group has a number of roles including providing feedback, information and advice on strategies for building better knowledge from within the professions about health practitioner regulation, and advising AHPRA on issues affecting the professions. How to stay up to date? Members who have subscribed to the Paramedicine Board of Australia newsletter would be keeping up to date with the progression of the paramedic registration project, and those who have not, we encourage you to do so by going to the http://www.paramedicineboard.gov.au website and clicking on the register for e-news updates link.

The College will be providing a regular monthly updates of the latest news via our website and eNewsletters for members. FAQ When will Paramedic Registration start?

Whilst the paramedicine Board of Australia has not yet declared when ‘participation day’ will be, it is expected to be some time around the end of October this year, which will bring the annual registration date of paramedics in line with a number of other professions regulated under AHPRA. We will update you on the date when it is announced.

When will I have to register?

To practice, all paramedics must register by ‘participation day’. The Board has announced that registrations will open sometime in the middle of the year so that paramedics can start the process of applying for registration, which will take effect on the day of commencement.

What is the grand parenting clause, can I delay registration up to three years?

Many have asked about the three-year grand parenting clause and what that means with some suggesting it means that you don’t have to register for up to three years. This is incorrect. To practice and identify as a paramedic from the participation date means you have to be registered on participation day. The grand parenting period simply gives people who are currently not practicing, on extended leave etc. an opportunity to register before they return. Paramedics not currently practicing have three years to return to practice (or registration) with older or existing qualifications but they must be registered before returning.

What are these standards they refer to?

There are standards that you will need to satisfy to become registered, and standards you need to meet to re register every year.

To register as a Paramedic you will need to address the standards of admission to the register that assess your qualification and your suitability to become registered. While the final decision is with the Paramedicine Board, this is a good starting point to determine whether you are eligible for registration:

Once you are registered, additional standards you will need to meet each year to re register include the continuing professional development standard that we will address in detail in our next newsletter.

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