• 29th Aug 2015

Update August 2015

At a COAG meeting in Darwin on the 7th of August the issue of paramedic registration was once again discussed. The proposal to include paramedics in the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) was once again delayed.

The NRAS for health practitioners protects the public by ensuring that only suitably trained and qualified practitioners deliver healthcare services to the public for which they are registered.

It was agreed at the COAG meeting on August 7 that more work will need to be undertaken in order to hopefully achieve multi-lateral agreement whereby willing states and territories will be able to include paramedics in a NRAS.

Many paramedics, and ANZCP, were hoping that a decision to include paramedics in the NRAS would occur today. However ANZCP is encouraged that the COAG Health Council has decided to continue work on this important issue for the public and paramedics alike.

ANZCP will continue its advocacy for national registration for paramedics.

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