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Jul, 2019

Participate in Research - Paramedic Clinical Decision Making: To transport or scene discharge the patient?

PARTICIPATE IN RESEARCH Information for Prospective Participants Paramedic Clinical Decision Making To transport or scene discharg...


Jun, 2019

Research Opportunity - The forgotten GCS...

The forgotten GCS: Group Clinical Supervision as a novel tool for the holistic development of paramedics within an emerging health...


Apr, 2019

Maintaining asepsis in paramedicine: a consensus statement - Research

University of Sunshine Coast paramedicine researchers are calling for expressions of interest to participate in a research project...


Apr, 2019

Call for workshop proposal - PRS19

Call for workshop proposals - Paramedicine Research Symposium (PRS) ANZCP-Monash Paramedicine Research Symposium Committee is see...


Feb, 2019

Paramedic Ethics: Education and Experience in Australia

Research title The importance of practical wisdom and practical ethics in undergraduate paramedic education: A mixed methods explo...


Feb, 2019

3 new CoSTR for public comment

The International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) has published in draft form 3 new Consensus on Science with Treatment...


Oct, 2017

Hypothermia in live paramedic-attended births before arrival

Hypothermia in live paramedic-attended births before arrival – paramedic and midwife experiences in Australia and New Zealand. Cli...


Oct, 2017

Australian Paramedic Disaster Health Management

Paramedic Survey - The current preparation of Australian Paramedics for disaster health response Research is being conducted into...


Oct, 2017

Paramedicine Research Priorities for the 21st Century

Paramedic Survey - Paramedicine Research Priorities for the 21st Century A survey of paramedics is being conducted to determine re...


Mar, 2017

Research Roundup - February 2017

Mechanical chest compression devices Survival from sudden cardiac arrest depends on the early delivery of high quality cardiopulmo...