Paramedic Registration Standards Released

Members are no doubt aware of the approaching commencement of Paramedic Registration later this year, even though the actual start date (referred to as participation day) is yet to be officially announced.

Late last week the Paramedicine Board of Australia released the registration standards for paramedics that have been subject to consultation since late 2017. The standards were recommended by the Paramedicine Board for adoption by the COAG Ministerial Council (Australian State, Territory and Federal Health Ministers) and they were approved on 13 April 2018.

Most of the standards apply to any applicant who is seeking to register as a Paramedic from the commencement of the scheme (participation day). Evidence will be required to demonstrate that each applicant for registration meets these standards. The standards are:

  • Criminal history registration standard
  • English language skills registration standard
  • Professional indemnity insurance (PII) arrangements
  • Recency of practice registration standard
  • Grandparenting registration standard (Note: This standard applies if you do not hold an Approved or Accepted qualification)

The above standards also apply to a paramedic whilst they are registered, and a declaration of meeting these standards will be required at each renewal of registration. In addition to the above, each year registered paramedics will also be required to meet:

  • Continuing professional development (CPD) requirements

A summary of the general standard requirements are listed below, given from the perspective of an existing Australian Paramedic (or member of this College). Whilst every effort has been made to make this table as accurate as possible, variations will occur depending on your particular circumstances, so each paramedic should review the full versions of the standards which are available on the Paramedicine Board of Australia’s website to ensure they understand the requirements for their own particular circumstances.


Standard Effect Summary Comments
Criminal history Required to register as a paramedic & ongoing Must declare any charge, plea of guilt or convictions in any jurisdiction for review by board Each criminal history will be individually reviewed using the 10 factors in the standard
English language skills Required to register as a paramedic Will meet standard if schooling and paramedic qualifications in English For any other variation of education, or English tests accepted, review the full standard for specifics
Professional indemnity insurance (PII) cover Required to register as a paramedic & ongoing When you practise as a paramedic you must be covered by your own or third-party insurance Review the standard for details, but most employers will have insurance. Where you practice outside that employment, you may need to take out additional insurance cover.
Recency of practice Required to register as a paramedic & ongoing 150 hours of practice in the previous 12 months Or 450 hrs in last 3 years; Or 750 hrs in last 5 yrs with no more than 2 yrs continuous absence
Education or via Grandparenting Required to register as a paramedic Approved Paramedic degree, or NSWA Diploma (or grand-parenting process) Grand-parenting process for assessing those who don’t have the qualifications – see standard for details
Continuing professional development (CPD) Ongoing requirement to maintain registration 30 hours CPD per year, 8 hours must be interactive Directly related to your practice area, see standard for more details